North Park Blocks Meeting and Update

Friends and neighbors;
A meeting of the North Park Blocks residents has been locked in.

When: Thursday, August 6, 2015 6:00 pm
Where: Powers Studios/Visiting Media
825 NW Glisan St, Portland, OR 97209

All of us are adamant about working with the necessary agencies, parks bureau, and the police to resolve the illegal, criminal activity that has surfaced in the North Park Blocks and surrounding neighborhoods in the past six months. This is not a matter of homelessness, it’s a matter of ILLEGAL activities such as:

Threatening behaviors
Selling/Buying drugs
Lewd sexual behavior, including urination/defecation
Public consumption of drugs or alcohol
After hours park occupation
Aggressive pan-handling
Anti-camping laws being disregarded

Contact was made with Jacob Brostoff, our Crime Prevention Coordinator, regarding the “Problem Solving Issues in Public Spaces” document he provided at the recent meeting with residents from the Flanders Lofts and North Park Lofts.

Continue below for our Q&A with Jacob Brostoff.

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East Portland Secessionists

Two East Portland secessionists explain why they want voters to sever their neighborhoods’ ties to the city.

Our form of government [city commissioners elected citywide, instead of from districts] doesn’t work. We don’t want that future, where you can’t control what’s going on in your borders.

Read the article featuring Collene Swenson regarding a change in the antiquated way Portland City Hall is run:

Portland Police iPhone App


The Portland (OR) Police Bureau is committed to building strong relationships across the community in order to improve public safety and livability in neighborhoods and to enhance community trust in the police. The members of the Portland Police Bureau are committed to innovation and high quality customer service.

There is new Portland Police iPhone App. (Go to App Store on your iPhone. Search on Portland Police. App is called Portland Police Bureau Mobile.)

Buttons on the app include:
Crime Maps
Crime Stoppers (See * below)
Facebook (See ** below)
Twitter (See *** below)

*Crime Stoppers-After you enter a message, you can enter a password then you will get a code. You’ll need the password and code to follow up on the incident to see if they did anything. I didn’t see how to attach a picture though.
**Facebook-Takes you to Facebook page, two button-Join and Log In. I haven’t done this yet. I assume you can send pictures after you Join.
***Twitters-Take you to Twitter page, two button-Join and Log In also Follow. I haven’t done this yet. I assume you can send pictures after you Join.

Portland Business Alliance Livability Petition

Honeyman_LoftsWe are reaching out to ask you to sign the petition and share it with anyone in your community who is concerned about this issue. Our intent of the campaign is to show city leaders that Portlanders are concerned about the safety of people living on the streets, the safety of families and visitors who use our public spaces and the businesses impacted by disruptive behavior.

Sign this petition telling Mayor Hales and Portland City Council to provide safer and more humane solutions for people living outside and to prioritize the safety, cleanliness and livability of our city’s public spaces.

Go to: