At Last: Bolt Bus Has Left the Park

We are happy to announce that Bolt Bus has moved its “Bus Depot” out of the North Park Blocks. Our historic park is no longer suffering from noise, congestion, diesel fumes, trash and frustrated drivers trying to navigate through the disruption. Bolt Bus / Greyhound had a terminal a few blocks away that we felt was a better location.

The North Park Blocks Conservancy would like to extend a big thank you to Commissioner Chloe Eudaly, her Chief of Staff – Marshall Runkel and the folks at PBOT who listened to our neighborhood concerns and worked with Bolt Bus to relocate their bus stop. Bolt Bus has announced a new location on the east side – 1060 NE 13th Avenue @ Lloyd Center.

2 Replies to “At Last: Bolt Bus Has Left the Park”

  1. Why doesn’t Bolt Bus use Union Station? It’s a perfectly good existing bus/train station with parking, places for buses to turn around, places for people to wait indoors, a restroom, a cafe, etc. I’m guessing that Union Station charges bus companies to use their facility (which they should). And I’m guessing that Bolt Bus doesn’t want to pay. But why on earth should the city allow them relocate across the river and not use the existing station?

  2. This is so frustrating and the reasoning seems to be so short sighted. This location is closer to the downtown core, which has more accessible transportation options. The photos of the before and after are very misleading. Bolt buses are not always occupying Everet. For some one who relies on Bolt Bus, this organizations views are gross.

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