North Park Blocks Conservancy Reporting Guide

Use Portland PDX Reporter – a new way to interact with the city concerning problems or issues with publicly maintained infrastructure.

What you need to complete a report and encampment or tent on the sidewalk

  • Snap a photo of the encampment (if it is safe to do so) but not required
  • Make a note of the location of the tent or closest cross street
  • Make a note of any risk factors (like blocked sidewalks) you may want to add to your report

Which campsites will be prioritized for cleanup?

  • 8 or more occupied structures
  • Block public sidewalks, paths, transit stations, restrooms or building entrances
  • Prevent 6 feet of physical distancing
  • Significant garbage or debris
  • Evidence of conspicuous drug use: uncapped, used hypodermic needles or other paraphernalia

Other resources

Crimes in progress or life threatening emergency: Dial 911
Non-emergency (suspicious person/activity): Portland Police 503-823-3333

Portland Parks and Recreation @PDXParksandRec
For park rule violations call Parks Ranger Dispatch 503-823-1637
Illegal activities include such things as:

Encampment or tents • Drug use and drug dealing • Intoxication and public drinking of alcohol • Littering/destruction of property/graffiti • Dogs off leash • Sexual activities • Intimidating panhandling

  • Park maintenance issues: 503-823-4824
  • Illegally parked vehicles: Parking Patrol 503-823-5195
  • Excessive Noise: Noise Control Office 503-823-7350
  • City/County Information and Referrals: 503-823-2781

Clean and Safe – 503-224-7383. Call Clean & Safe to help with your security and cleaning issues:

  • Disorderly/suspicious behavior
  • Aggressive panhandling
  • Public drinking/inebriates
  • Suspicion of drug dealing or drug use
  • Request cleaning

City of Portland  – A full listing of city contacts and elected officials