Who To Call

North Park Blocks Conservancy Reporting Guide

Use Portland  PDX Reporter –  a new way to interact with the city concerning problems or issues with publicly maintained infrastructure.

What you need to complete a report and encampment or tent on the sidewalk

  • Snap a photo of the encampment (if it is safe to do so) but not required
  • Make a note of the location of the tent or closest cross street
  • Make a note of any risk factors (like blocked sidewalks) you may want to add to your report

Which campsites will be prioritized for cleanup?

  • 8 or more occupied structures
  • Block public sidewalks, paths, transit stations, restrooms or building entrances
  • Prevent 6 feet of physical distancing
  • Significant garbage or debris
  • Evidence of conspicuous drug use: uncapped, used hypodermic needles or other paraphernalia

Other resources

Crimes in progress or life threatening emergency: dial 911
Non-emergency (suspicious person/activity): Portland Police 503.823.3333

Portland Parks and Recreation @PDXParksandRec
For park rule violations call Parks Ranger Dispatch 503 823.1637
Illegal activities include such things as: • Encampment or tents • Drug use and drug dealing • Intoxication and public drinking of alcohol • Littering/destruction of property/graffiti • Dogs off leash • Sexual activities • Intimidating panhandling

  • Park maintenance issues: 503 823.4824
  • Illegally parked vehicles: Parking Patrol 503 823.5195
  • Excessive Noise: Noise Control Office 503 823.7350
  • City/County Information and Referrals: 503 823.2781

Clean and Safe – 503-224-7383. Call Clean & Safe to help with your security and cleaning issues :

  • Disorderly/suspicious behavior
  • Aggressive panhandling
  • Public drinking/inebriates
  • Suspicion of drug dealing or drug use
  • Request cleaning

City of Portland  – A full listing of city contacts and elected officials 

2 Replies to “Who To Call”

  1. Kitchen commissary to serve food trucks in the north park blocks??

    Is there interest in re-launching food trucks (that can be served by the previous space at the Art Institute of Portland culinary arts facility (corner of 8th and Couch)? I recall some meetings that The Art Institute attended 3 years back – or so, at the architectural firm at the south end of the North Park Blocks. Is there an opportunity to re-locate some of the food trucks that are being moved from the Galleria Mall food cart hub, and place them in the park blocks area? We are trying to re-launch the Art Institute culinary arts facility and could use some food trucks to help in the venture. Is there interest for such additional services / traffic to be in this area, by the elephant? Is there an upcoming development meeting in which this could be discussed?

    1. Gene, It appears there is a serious proposal to move some of the Galleria carts to the North Park Block on 8th and Park between Burnside and Ankeny. They would go in the streets and thus cut off auto traffic. Most of the carts would be steps away from Art Institute culinary arts facility. You should contact City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly’s chief of staff, Marshall Runkel. More info and layout here

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