NPB Presents To #PDX City Hall

The North Park Blocks group presented to Mayor Hales and other city and county officials at City Hall on Sept 29, 2015. Parks Commissioner Amanda Fritz was not in attendance.

The North Park Blocks is made up of a proudly diverse community who chose to live and work here. We proudly continue to support many efforts to address homelessness including construction of Bud Clark Center, the CCC Recovery Center, new Transitions Projects and the new Blanchet House.

Our concern this summer was born for the safety of the community due to a highly aggressive criminal element taking hold in our Park and on our streets.

We believe Portland needs to keep our city safe, sanitary and livable for everyone.  While also offering compassion, kindness and services to those in need.  This includes support for more homeless shelters and low income housing.

Here’s our slide deck

[slideshare id=53434422&doc=mayorsnorthparkblockstaskforce-mtg3-092915-151001183823-lva1-app6891]


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