Notes From the Field

I watched as 2 bicycle rangers with Portland Parks & Rec talk to a couple men in the park with their off-leash dog. The men and dog immediately left. Phil and I went over to talk to the rangers-2 very nice young men—Josh Schubert and Hunter Bronson. The rangers said the men were being “raucous” and they simply asked them to take their argument elsewhere and they left mostly likely because of the uniforms and badge. Other people sleeping nearby were not breaking the law and the rangers let them be. They told us that there were just 4 Portland Parks & Rec rangers patrolling all of Portland’s parks during the day because of budget constraints. At night, the Pacific Patrol patrols the parks. They said the Portland Parks & Rec and Portland Police are very understaffed because of budget cuts.

They gave us a business cards with these #s on the back as well as a web site for reporting problems and posting pictures. I have not had a chance to check out the web site.

Crimes in Progress 9-1-1
Police Non-Emergency (503) 823-3333
Park Rangers (503) 823-1637
Park Problems
Parks Customer Service (503) 823-2525
Animal Control (503) 988-7387
www.park.rangers &

I looked up the numbers for Pacific Patrol and Clean & Safe. See below.

Pacific Patrol (503) 595-3440
Clean & Safe (503) 224-7383


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