Vicious Dog Attack in North Park Blocks

North Park Blocks dog

Tonight at about 6 pm a North Park Block’s neighbor was walking her dog “Yogi” by the basketball courts. Both Yogi and his owner were attacked by the off-leash dog in this photo.  Onlookers called 911. Yogi was bleeding from the attack and was taken to the vet.

Portland deserves safe and livable parks and public spaces.

If you see the owner of the dog that attacked Yogi, you will need the case # 167314 and can call:

From 8-5PM the Animal Service Dispatch line 503-988-5222
OR after hours: 503-988-9079 (Officer Randall Brown’s direct line – there is voice mail will go to his cell)


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  1. This lawlessness has go tot come to an end. This has nothing to do with homelessness… they are being victimized by a sinister group of vagrant criminals and street drifters. My best to Yogi for a speedy recovery.

  2. […] As we have reported, this summer the North Park Blocks have been overrun by traveling gangs, rampant drug use, prostitution and off-leash dog attacks. […]

  3. If you see menacing animals off leash immediately call Multnomah County Animal Services dispatchers office at 503-988-5222

    If you find dispatch to be unresponsive reach out to:
    Randall Brown
    Chief Field Supervisor
    Multnomah County Animal Services

  4. Oh look, a pit bull, what a surprise.

    It’s surely coincidental that the 2 out of the 3 times my dogs have been attacked it was also pit bulls.

    (one was a pug, it hardly counts)

  5. tfrench Avatar

    I spoke with Officer Kimmens of Animal Control. She has been coming to the park and looking for the owner in the photo. She has shared the photo with bike patrol and the park rangers. Once the owner is caught, the dog would be a level 2 with a muzzle, meaning he would always have to be on leash and wearing a muzzle. When I called the animal dispatch today, Dave the operator said there were no officers close so by the time someone could get there, the owner may be gone (kind of like, why bother). I called BS and demanded that he call in an officer. Then called his boss. Unfortunately the sighting today was not the same dog. A way to differentiate is that this dog is gray/brown everywhere except white on his chest and socks. Thanks everyone or keeping an eye out. Best numbers to call are the dispatch (503-988-5222) and Randall Brown (503-988-9079).

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