City Tries to Take Back North Park Blocks

Da Tung and Xi'an Bao Bao behind fence
Da Tung and Xi’an Bao Bao behind newly installed  fence

In less than two weeks the North Park Blocks will host Portland’s premier Labor Day event – Art in the Pearl. After ignoring deteriorating conditions all summer, the city finally took first steps to try and restore control of the North Park Blocks.

As we have reported, this summer the North Park Blocks have been overrun by traveling gangs, rampant drug use, prostitution and off-leash dog attacks.

Today the city began erecting barbwire-topped chainlink fencing to cordon off the park from all public use. It’s unfortunate that the city’s delayed response  to weeks of unlawful behavior requires such drastic measures.

Hopefully the North Park Blocks will be  a safe and livable space for all to enjoy during the art fest and beyond.

Displaced camper watch installation of park fencing
Displaced campers watch installation of park fencing from Park playground


One response to “City Tries to Take Back North Park Blocks”

  1. PearlPlaces Avatar

    What exactly do the “Park Rangers” do? Wait a minute…..I have the answer. “They drive around on bikes, looking good, smiling and saying hello.” Outside of that….nothing. It is time the city give these employees some actual work to do, along with some actual authority. They couldn’t take Al Capone down though his gang activities, but though tax evasion. Enforcement of petty crimes like smoking in the park, alcohol consumption, and urinating in the park, WILL stop these people from taking over.
    Mayor Hales, how about this for a plan…..Allow the Park Rangers to have the authority to issue tickets for smoking, alcohol consumption, littering. and urinating in the park. Then one of the punishments for repeat offenders is to be BANNED from that park. This could be the “Tax evasion” moment for stopping this activity. The message should be….ALL residences of the city have the right to use any and all parts of the park….as long as you obey the rules….Violate the rules and your privileges are revoked.

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