It’s About Behavior, Not Homelessness

behaving badlyLast week an intern was walking to their office on the North Park Blocks. On NW Flanders (a few doors west of the park) they encountered this couple. Mayor Hales and members of Portland City Council don’t get it. Let’s simplify the situation for them – we don’t know the housing status of this couple, but we do know they are behaving badly.

This summer the North Park Blocks, its adjacent streets and many other public spaces in Portland have been overrun with illegal activity – drug dealing, public use of alcohol, destruction of property, intimidating panhandling, urination/defecation, prostitution and illegal sexual activity.

Portland has lost control of its public spaces. Mayor Hales and members of Portland City Council fail to provide humane solutions to Portland’s long-standing homeless crisis while turning a blind eye to the illegal activities that make our parks, public spaces and sidewalks unsafe for everyone.

Portland can do better. We’re “The City That Works.”


3 responses to “It’s About Behavior, Not Homelessness”

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  2. Is having sex in public Illegal? What did the police say when you called them?

    Last I heard law enforcement was the job of the police.

    This is what happens when people spend all their time pissing and moaning about Portland doing too much to encourage the homeless, when in fact the problem is summed up quite succinctly in the title of this article.

  3. This is unbelievable. Why is this tolerated?!
    Don’t people of Portland care about their city? I guess the people mind but the city and the PD don’t care. I suppose when someone steps on a dirty needle and contracts HIV/HEP B, C etc, or is attacked by users or their dogs the city will have to care since lawsuits will be filed.
    Too bad. Portland is beautiful.
    I came here 4 years ago from SF where there is also a huge homeless (behavior?!) problem–and I’ve seen a lot and have stepped on dirty needles (my young child almost did too but I picked her up in time) BUT I’ve never seen sex in public, horrible fighting and obvious drug use in the light of day.
    Here, it actually seems encouraged. It’s like people here really don’t care.

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