Dear Mayor Hales, Park Conditions Affect My Business

Local businesswoman, Michelle Cardinal recently wrote to Portland Mayor Hales to express her concerns over the deteriorating conditions in the city’s historic North Park Blocks.

… Our lovely Park has become home to vagrants who openly do drugs, have sex, fight and regularly urinate and defecate in public. My employees and clients are verbally harassed and physically threatened when walking to and from our office.

Daily we remove belligerent people aggessively blocking the entrance to our building and side step groups of people erecting makeshift cardboard forts on our sidewalks. This is affective my business and more importantly Portland’s prosperity in the long run. …

She has a meeting scheduled with Mayor Hales. We will reach out to her to unify efforts & perhaps participate in that meeting. Click for the full Letter to Mayor Hales 1MB pdf

Mayor Hales responded to our recent tweet. We look forward to his meeting with Ms Cardinal.


2 responses to “Dear Mayor Hales, Park Conditions Affect My Business”

  1. Charles Froelick Avatar
    Charles Froelick

    Most partners of the DeSoto Building, NW Davis at Park, are hosting 1st Thursday events tonight and cannot attend the neighborhood meeting. We want to participate in the community response to this illegal activity increase. City Hall must make a policy change immediately or our tax paying businesses will suffer. Please keep us informed…

    1. Thanks for reaching out. We will be in contact.

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