North Park Blocks Stalker

North Park Blocks Stalker
North Park Blocks Stalker

North Park Block neighbors are warned to be on the lookout for this man.

Email from a North Park Block’s business owner August 24, 2015:

On Monday night after departing my office my husband and I were stalked by a young man under the influence. He wanted money, then asked for my phone so he could check his Facebook. He physically threatened us. We ducked into the lobby of one of our buildings and he tried to enter the building after us.  He then waited outside the door in a threatening manner.  I called Clean and Safe – who did come and informed us there was nothing they could do.  Just move him along…

I was pretty shaken.  I typically walk to my car alone at night after working late


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  1. marysipe Avatar

    This type of behavior is considered menacing and the police will arrest him. If this happens to you call the non-emergency number 503-823-3333.
    I had an encounter with someone last summer. I called the non-emergency number and police were dispatched. The officer took a report and instructed me to call the non-emergency number if the person returned. He did. I carefully followed him from a distance and called the police when he settled into his “spot”. He was arrested and spent the summer in jail.

    1. JeanSFleming Avatar

      That is great to hear – we are often not sure that the non-emergency line does much good. Thanks for sharing that story.

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