Dear Mayor Hales, Park Conditions Affect My Business

Local businesswoman, Michelle Cardinal recently wrote to Portland Mayor Hales to express her concerns over the deteriorating conditions in the city’s historic North Park Blocks.

… Our lovely Park has become home to vagrants who openly do drugs, have sex, fight and regularly urinate and defecate in public. My employees and clients are verbally harassed and physically threatened when walking to and from our office.

Daily we remove belligerent people aggessively blocking the entrance to our building and side step groups of people erecting makeshift cardboard forts on our sidewalks. This is affective my business and more importantly Portland’s prosperity in the long run. …

She has a meeting scheduled with Mayor Hales. We will reach out to her to unify efforts & perhaps participate in that meeting. Click for the full Letter to Mayor Hales 1MB pdf

Mayor Hales responded to our recent tweet. We look forward to his meeting with Ms Cardinal.

Trash This Painting

Pulse Gallery is hosting an ‘Awareness Campaign’ for our First Thursday Event (see our attached poster). Over a year ago PM was inspired to paint the North Park Blocks on a 4′ x 4′ canvas but, as you know, the park no longer looks like the beautiful painting. We are inviting people to “trash” the painting on Thursday.

On August 15th at the Everett Station Lofts & Galleries Courtyard Art Show we will offer the opportunity to “clean up” the painting by removing the trash. At that time, we can also present a petition to be signed or ?. Please join us for the Trashing Event.


North Park Blocks Meeting and Update

Friends and neighbors;
A meeting of the North Park Blocks residents has been locked in.

When: Thursday, August 6, 2015 6:00 pm
Where: Powers Studios/Visiting Media
825 NW Glisan St, Portland, OR 97209

All of us are adamant about working with the necessary agencies, parks bureau, and the police to resolve the illegal, criminal activity that has surfaced in the North Park Blocks and surrounding neighborhoods in the past six months. This is not a matter of homelessness, it’s a matter of ILLEGAL activities such as:

Threatening behaviors
Selling/Buying drugs
Lewd sexual behavior, including urination/defecation
Public consumption of drugs or alcohol
After hours park occupation
Aggressive pan-handling
Anti-camping laws being disregarded

Contact was made with Jacob Brostoff, our Crime Prevention Coordinator, regarding the “Problem Solving Issues in Public Spaces” document he provided at the recent meeting with residents from the Flanders Lofts and North Park Lofts.

Continue below for our Q&A with Jacob Brostoff.

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Portland Business Alliance Livability Petition

Honeyman_LoftsWe are reaching out to ask you to sign the petition and share it with anyone in your community who is concerned about this issue. Our intent of the campaign is to show city leaders that Portlanders are concerned about the safety of people living on the streets, the safety of families and visitors who use our public spaces and the businesses impacted by disruptive behavior.

Sign this petition telling Mayor Hales and Portland City Council to provide safer and more humane solutions for people living outside and to prioritize the safety, cleanliness and livability of our city’s public spaces.

Go to:

Portland Civility Summit 2.0

Dear Neighbors and Residents,

If you don’t already know me then please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Thom King. I have recently joined the board of Portland’s Clean and Safe program. I will be proudly serving as the residential liaison for Portland Clean and Safe. My goal as residential liaison is to improve the communication lines between Portland Clean and Safe and residents in the area that Portland Clean and Safe services. I am here to answer questions, listen to comment and suggestions that I can bring to our quarterly board meeting.

At our last meeting I was made aware of a meeting occurring on November 17th that will address community issues including those of safety, crime, and livability. I would like to invite you to participate in the Portland Civility Summit meeting and help lend a voice to the concerns of our community.

Here is the official description of the meeting: Participate in a conversation with community members, police, social service agencies, business leaders and city officials. Lend your voice to the conversation on respect, justice, civic duty and community values. And learn what has changed since Civility Summit 2013. Additionally, learn about this summer’s innovative community policing strategies.

You should attend if:
You use and enjoy the public spaces in Portland
You work, play, or live in Portland
You study or worship in Portland
You are a Portland business
You care about our community
You want to know what works to make our public spaces more welcoming and safe
You want to make Portland even better

To sign-up to attend the Civility Summit 2.0 and for more information, visit the Eventbrite page,

Lastly, I encourage you to email me at thom.king (AT) I can add you to my database and keep you apprised of updates and happenings that affect your lifestyle and community.

Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Thom King
Board Member – Portland Clean and Safe
Board Member – Flanders Lofts Homeowners Association