Frustrated Homeowners on the North Park Blocks

6-5-15-junkieAfter ten years of living here, this is the worst we’ve seen it. Not just stray carts but Street Freightliners!

We all willingly moved here knowing, as Thom likes to say, and choosing to live in the “Recovery Blocks.” We did not sign on for the Detritus Blocks. Any city official who thinks this is acceptable should come down here with a bus to their own front lawns.

Nimby we are not! We are surrounded by social service agencies and transitional housing projects. They were here long before we were. In ten years we have applauded even the increased efforts to help the lowest 1%. Most of us support the legitimate efforts with time, talent and treasure. What we don’t support is the current city-tolerated gauntlet of trash, dope stench and abuse we have to pass through today just to walk ourselves and our dogs.

Last week we lent out our loft to AirBnB guests. We now have a national posting that the neighborhood is “scary.”

My wife and I are lifelong city people. We know the difference. The poster is right!

Why would the City jeopardize the tax base, the commercial pioneers and the good will of progressive-minded citizens for such an obviously base threat to the established quality of life equilibrium in such a model community??

It’s beyond me!

Portland Business Alliance Livability Petition

Honeyman_LoftsWe are reaching out to ask you to sign the petition and share it with anyone in your community who is concerned about this issue. Our intent of the campaign is to show city leaders that Portlanders are concerned about the safety of people living on the streets, the safety of families and visitors who use our public spaces and the businesses impacted by disruptive behavior.

Sign this petition telling Mayor Hales and Portland City Council to provide safer and more humane solutions for people living outside and to prioritize the safety, cleanliness and livability of our city’s public spaces.

Go to:

Portland is Better Than This!

Park_Everett homlessMembers of City Council were elected to make difficult choices such as how to ensure limited resources go where there is a most critical need. If you are concerned about the safety, cleanliness and livability of the city, as well as the needs and safety of people living on the streets, please call or write to Mayor Hales and individual members of City Council at to let them know you believe more shelters, storage and other affordable housing options must be a priority in the city’s budget. Let them know you also believe that we are better than this….

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City of Portland Fails to Clean Up 405 Crime Nest

man-shooting-up-under-405-bridge-portlandCity Commissioner Nick Fish had been told about increasingly aggressive street people under the I-405 freeway, but seeing is believing.

After a walking tour between Northwest Johnson and Lovejoy Saturday, Oct. 4, and talking to affected neighbors, he characterized the problem as “less about homelessness, and more about illegal behavior.”

He called then Portland Police Chief Mike Reese and triggered a multi-agency mission that completely cleared the area of campers, waste, syringes and stolen property by the end of the weekend.

Though there was a weak attempt to move that homeless criminal element out, they have returned and resumed business as usual. Read more: