Retiring CEO: Public Safety Threatens Portland’s Future

Jim Johnson is CEO of Tripwire Inc

The Portland Business Journal recently reported the comments of Jim Johnson, retiring  CEO of Tripwire linkpdf version 

“The thing we run the risk on – Portland is a jewel and there are wonderful things in Portland – but we are tolerant of not-so-good behavior, ” Johnson said.

Johnson said he’s had employees telling him they are concerned for their safety at night around the company’s downtown headquarters  (101 SW Main St) because of the aggressive homelessness residents.

“There are certain thing we as community better make sure we do right to be wonderful place to live and attract families, ” he said. “We need to think about the future.”

This means addressing the homeless issues downtown other challenges …

East Portland Secessionists

Two East Portland secessionists explain why they want voters to sever their neighborhoods’ ties to the city.

Our form of government [city commissioners elected citywide, instead of from districts] doesn’t work. We don’t want that future, where you can’t control what’s going on in your borders.

Read the article featuring Collene Swenson regarding a change in the antiquated way Portland City Hall is run:

Portland Business Alliance Livability Petition

Honeyman_LoftsWe are reaching out to ask you to sign the petition and share it with anyone in your community who is concerned about this issue. Our intent of the campaign is to show city leaders that Portlanders are concerned about the safety of people living on the streets, the safety of families and visitors who use our public spaces and the businesses impacted by disruptive behavior.

Sign this petition telling Mayor Hales and Portland City Council to provide safer and more humane solutions for people living outside and to prioritize the safety, cleanliness and livability of our city’s public spaces.

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