Keep Portland Weird (But Safe)

PDX mounted police

This past summer the North Park Blocks experienced a dramatic rise in unlawful activity – traveling gangs, aggressive panhandlers, drugs, public sex, off-leash dog attacks. That situation was turned around when City Hall finally took notice and Portland Police stepped up their presence to enforce the law in the park.

We saw smart policing based on positive and supportive police interaction with citizens.  But increased police presence in the North Park Blocks required pulling scarce police resources from other Portland neighborhoods. Bottom line  – community-focussed policing is labor-intensive and Portland Police is understaffed to provide adequate safety city wide.

Statistics show that Portland Police is understaffed. The FBI national benchmark calls for 2.7 officers per 1000 residents and Portland has only 1.5. More stats here.

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Public safety has made Portland one of America’s most livable cities. Our community needs our Police Bureau to take calls for service, investigate crimes, confront gang violence, and proactively engage with the public. Having enough police officers to manage these functions will keep Portland a great place to live.

Portland City Council must increase Police Bureau staffing levels to ensure there are enough police officers to meet the City’s public safety priorities.

The Portland Police Association has started a petition to Mayor Hales and Portland City Council. Send a message to City Council – Read more and sign the Petition.

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It’s About Behavior, Not Homelessness

behaving badlyLast week an intern was walking to their office on the North Park Blocks. On NW Flanders (a few doors west of the park) they encountered this couple. Mayor Hales and members of Portland City Council don’t get it. Let’s simplify the situation for them – we don’t know the housing status of this couple, but we do know they are behaving badly.

This summer the North Park Blocks, its adjacent streets and many other public spaces in Portland have been overrun with illegal activity – drug dealing, public use of alcohol, destruction of property, intimidating panhandling, urination/defecation, prostitution and illegal sexual activity.

Portland has lost control of its public spaces. Mayor Hales and members of Portland City Council fail to provide humane solutions to Portland’s long-standing homeless crisis while turning a blind eye to the illegal activities that make our parks, public spaces and sidewalks unsafe for everyone.

Portland can do better. We’re “The City That Works.”

Portland is Better Than This!

Park_Everett homlessMembers of City Council were elected to make difficult choices such as how to ensure limited resources go where there is a most critical need. If you are concerned about the safety, cleanliness and livability of the city, as well as the needs and safety of people living on the streets, please call or write to Mayor Hales and individual members of City Council at to let them know you believe more shelters, storage and other affordable housing options must be a priority in the city’s budget. Let them know you also believe that we are better than this….

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